Cure please? Or solution.


9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
One of my barred rock hens appears to have a respritory infection, likely from the weather. It has been cold, windy, and today it rained.
I noticed it today when she hopped on the fence and she sneezed. Her eyes got bubbly, there was gooey snot around her nostrils and beak (when she opened and closed her beak), and she has this smell from her head. Smelled like.. You know that salty, stinky smell dogs sometimes get? Well that's what it smells like. She might not be seperated since in the winter a few pullets had similar symptoms so I'm guessing she caught it from them and it worsened with the weather. We don't have anywhere to put her also, either she sleeps with the hens or the pullets, stays in the coop or freeranges in the frontyard. It's up to her.
A remedy of some sort would be highly appreciated.
I hope it's not infectious corzya(?sp) you are dealing with! It sounds like it, especially the tale-tell smell about the face. It took me 7 weeks to nurse my little pullet (6 wks old @ the time) back to health. Many would have culled, I know, but I'm a newbie with only a 4-pullet flock that will be kept closed. While she was so sick that she appeared dead several times, she fought to stay alive so I fought to keep her so.

I don't know if this will help you, but my process was as follows: I treated her with Sulmet (only antibiotic the local feed store had on hand) for about 10 days; when the Oxine arrived in the mail after two weeks, misted her 3x/day for about 2 weeks, gave her a break for several days and then treated with Tetracycline for 3 days, another break and misted every other day with Oxine. Put vitamin supplements in the food or water every day, ACV in water every other day and occasional yogurt (she didn't like it much). Her eyes bubbled and then remained shut/blind for a few weeks but I wiped them clean daily with a warm washcloth and applied Neosporin (without pain relief) under the lids. I kept her in a blanketed crate on my patio at night and put her in a day pen during the day. The other pullet I bought with her had a swollen face two days after the sick hen's symptoms appeared, so I kept the two of them together for the duration of treatment. She never got all the symptoms the other one did and was a real trooper and angel to the sick one.

It was a draining and long process, but my little girl pulled through and is now running around with all her girlfriends and is quite feisty!
BYC was truly a blessing...I was on the forum frequently and got some great advice and support from members. I learned a lot and likely didn't do everything right, but the result turned out okay... it's possible to have a positive outcome.

Perhaps others will chime in with some better information and knowledge for you. Good luck with your hen, and hope she gets well quickly!!
Here's a link to a writeup of common diseases in chickens. Inf. coryza is about the 6th one on the page. Hopefully it will help you figure out whether
this is what you are dealing with, and give you some information to help you decide on your course of action. Sorry you are having to deal with this.

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