Curiosity killed the cat

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    Mar 27, 2013
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    At least that's what they say but now I'm curious about the caloric content of eggs. Pretty safe I'm sure lol. I saw a commercial the other day touting the 1/2 calorie content of egg beaters versus an egg. That got me wondering how many calories are REALLY in eggs.
    Now I went to Calorielab @
    and the numbers don't jive. I also have ot wonder if they are using store bought or farm raised and if there is a difference in store bought or farm raised eggs in terms of calories.
    Not sure if anyone knows or has thought of this or cared enough to look into it, honestly I'm still going to eat my eggs cause they are far better than store bought, and they give me a sense of accomplishment eating my own eggs, but its got my curiosity peaked.
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    Jan 1, 2014
    As far as commercials go what is the the governments "flavor of the month"? I have never researched this but one year you hear how bad eggs are and real butter is good for you. Next year eggs are the best thing ever and Americans don't eat enough of them and margerine is better than real butter. My opinion is this our ancestors were raised on eggs, our parents bought eggs, we raise our own chickens that lay eggs and we KNOW how good they taste, that means to me they are one of the best things to eat. Homegrown eggs come from nature and YOU know what the chickens were fed, that means to me that this is one of the BEST things you can eat no matter what the numbers say.Mentally raising your own meat/eggs stand for alot, who is happier in your opinion the common lawyer or the the common farmer?

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