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    Oct 3, 2010
    I changed the feed I'm giving my hen - got layer feed from a different store plus oyster shells - after suspecting the birds were in a tizzy about their food - perhaps bad. My hen has started laying again. First the egs were discolored, one is "wrinkled" and discolored until they regained their brown coloring. Well, today, she blessed me with a MONSTER egg. It's bigger than a store bought large and much bigger than what she has been laying. Anxious to see what was inside, I popped it open. Much to my delight .... double yolks! I'll be 40 on Sunday and this is my first double yolk! I remember mom having a dozen eggs when we were little and most were doubles. Store bought eggs. I always wanted to find my own and here my own chicken gave it to me!

    Now, what is the likelihood she'll continue to lay the big eggs with double yolks? I have read where it can be a fluke now and then but a friend told me she has a hen that gives them regularly.

    But the more burning question is about hatching it. Woudl I possibly get twins out the egg? Or will I only get one - the case of the disappearing twin?
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    My buff orpingtons always give me double yolkers when they are first learning to lay... after that the regulate the size of the eggs and I get boring old single-yolkers.

    Although there may be complications involved, yes double yolked eggs can hatch out twin chicks. I've seen it happen with budgerigars (parrots).
  3. Have yet to see real proof about hatching double yolkers. If you do hatch one I would love to know about it. Someone posted they did but I am not sure if they could prove it or not it has been some time ago. Would love to know.because I would love to try it someday myself. Good luck and I will be rooting for you.
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    hatching two chicks from one eggs is rare but has happened, someone posted on this site. Double yokers are not that uncommon and occur very frequently in young females. After they settle in it occurs very infrequently. I have not seen one in my adult birds for quite some time. Of course I dont open nearly all of them I sell quite a few
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    Good question! Just got my first double yoke & wondered the same thing about getting twins if they were hatched out.
    Hopefully someone will come along soon with an answer!
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    Dec 2, 2009
    My Isa Brown load double yolkers ALL the time, even when she was older. Like every 3rd egg on average.
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    Do a search. We had a member that hatched two double yolkers the summer of '08.

    They were BLRWs.

    Both chicks lived with one egg. Only 1 chick lived with the other egg.

    She had to help them hatch.

    She posted it on YouTube so it's documented.

    Others have tried to duplicate. Most often, both chicks die.

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