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  1. coachhaze60

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    Sep 12, 2008
    I am going this afternoon to look at and posibly but a smaller chicken pen for my bantam wyandottes. It measurea 4'x4'x6' I haven't seen them yet but the owner says they are very sturdy and have the heavier wire on the sides with a tin roof is this a good alternative. I want to keep this group together since they are pure bred and will hope to have little ones later. The cost is from $10-$25. Any ideas if this sounds like a goo deal or not?? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote:I buy cages at the local livestock auction for about that, and they are simply transport cages, no roof, just wire all around (usually the 1x2 inch wire) held with "hog rings". I bought a 2x2x3 for 10 bucks last fall.

    I would pay that for that size cage, no problem.

  3. flakey chick

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    May 3, 2007
    Is it 6' high by 4' X 4' or
    4' high by 4' X 6' ?

    I have 2 bantams in a pen that is 4' X 6', with an additional 2'X4' second story. They beg to be let out, but then they are truly spoiled. I wouldn't put more than 4 bantams in that pen.

    The price sounds fantastic for sturdy pens. You might consider putting 2 of them together.
  4. Dawn419

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    Apr 16, 2007
    Evening Shade, AR
    Sounds like a good deal, to me, too! [​IMG]

    I made a run "extension" for our modified Chick-n-Barn using a 4' (tall) x 16' (long) cattle panel and hardware cloth. I cut the panel into three sections: two 4' sections and one 6' section.

    For the time I spent putting it together, I would have gladly bought something like you are talking about if I could have found one!


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  5. EllyMae

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    Quote:It sounds good to me. I am looking for something like that to keep a roo in...I'm not too far from you. Does this guy have several? If so I would be interested in one. Let me know if you don't mind.
  6. coachhaze60

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    Sep 12, 2008
    I was well pleased for the look of the chicken I bough tyesterday. It was 6" tall and 4" wide and 4" deep. I was older but still very functional. The previuos owner had redone some of the wood but some will still need replacing around the base. It was built with tini on all 4 sides and the the welded wire was placed inside the tin. It has a perch pole in the center with a feeder bowl in one corner. The roof is pitched to allow rain to run off behind the house the floor is open to allow my iitle ones to scratch around. Al in all it was worht the drive but my wife thinks it looks like an outhouse (lol).


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