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May 25, 2009
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I was wondering why do "threads" get closed? There was one we were following, (post office left baby chicks on door steps..) and it was closed. Why would BYC close a thread? My daughter asked me, I did'nt know what to tell her...anybody know?
i think the moderators close down the ones that are unhelpful, snarky, duplicates, or mean

there have been a LOT of mean posts this past week - i dont know.. might be the phase of the moon..
There are a lot of reasons, look in the rules.
I believe that one was closed because it had been resolved, and people had just started chatting randomly.
Also, if people are flaming or trolling.
Or if it's a double post.
Or if it's a controversial subject-anything that has anything about fighting cocks usually gets closed faster than you can blink.
Thanks! I wasn't sure... I looked at the rules,but I did'nt think it would have fallen into any of those catagories
Yeah, I don't belong to too many boards but definitely I haven't seen so many trolls allowed to flock to a section just to get threads closed
And it's usually the same people too.

Ah well, maybe it'll be better the next phase of the moon
The other problem is sometimes members WRONGLY perceive a post as mean or mean spirited when there was absolutely nothing there to back that up.

So we just all learn to get along.
I tend to agree. Also, if there are a lot of complaints for whatever reason, it may get shut down, or "moved". It's generally a good idea not to question it though, just for your info
The mods here know what they are doing.
Good question!

I think it's been answered pretty thoroughly by you guys. The BYC Staff works as a team to make decisions about which threads are appropriate to continue on the forum. Sometimes threads are locked, but remain visible to our forum members, sometimes threads are closed and removed completely, and sometimes threads are edited and allowed to continue.

Although each of us on the Staff spends a lot of time on the forum just reading and "taking care of business" when needed, we do rely on reports from BYC members to let us know when something is going on that needs addressed. We love your reports and PMs because they help us serve the needs of the forum better.

In terms of how we moderate, as a general rule...the longer you're a member of BYC, the more you'll get a feel for how things work around here.
We try to keep things (1) friendly and (2) family-friendly. That's why we're the best and biggest chicken forum on the web!

And I'm closing this since I think your question has been answered.
To add to Chicken Lady's excellent reply, I think it is important to add that often we get the request to close a thread from the original poster. In those cases, we will see if such a request is warranted and act on it.
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