Curled Toes after 3 - 4 Weeks.

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    Oct 2, 2016

    I've been caring for a baby chick, that was found by itself.

    She seemed to have balance issues, but I assumed that was due to being really young. After a few days she seemed to be walking fine, wings worked, could jump and fly slightly. Seemed like everything was fine. On the 20th however, she was having trouble walking, which I thought maybe just growing pains? She was then walking fine on the 23rd, but then again on the 24th she was having issues. She also rarely chirps now. When I tried googling it, find it could be low vitamin B, so been adding that to her diet. Same with calcium. Her feet hasn't improved, but she has seemed more lively since I added in the Vitamin B.

    When she walks, she tries to on the top / side of her feet, although it's extremely difficult for her to, she can't stand, but she ran run while using her wings.

    I believe she is an English Bantam and at least a month old, only weighs 42 ounces. Last weekend she was 43, dropped to 39, now back up to 42. I imagine that's not good? She's at least been eating a lot the past two days.

    I've read about making a boot for her, but everything I'm finding is for newly hatched chicks. Anyone got advice on a 4 week old chick? And is the fact she stopped chirping for attention a bad sign?

    Including a pic of her feet.

    Thanks for any help available.


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    Sorry about your chick. Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is the important one to use for curled under toes, so make sure that your vitamins contain riboflavin. The sooner it is treated, the better the chances of success. Here are some links to read to help you:

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