Curled Toes Recovery Time/Possible?


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May 22, 2017
While I was on vacation, it seems that our 6 week old Speckled Sussex might have developed a vitamin B deficiency. She stopped moving around and just wanted to sit. Wasn't really eating or drinking. She was moved to a box to recover away from the others.

One of her feet has curled toes. We are giving her some Poly-Vi-Sol daily since last Thursday. She eats and drinks. Just lays there still, though. Doesn't seem to be getting better much.

What next? Is there still hope for recovery where she'll walk again and the likes? Thanks.
I don't really know about the vitamin deficiency and recovery part, but I have found that Sussex tend to have curled toes more than most breeds. Mine have done fine and led normal lives in spite of the curled toes. They are able to keep up with the flock and do everything the others do. I hope your girl recovers.

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