Curling toes, need shoe advice...

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    My three week old RIRs toes are curling sideways and she is having trouble keeping up with the others so she gets picked on a lot. Id hate to have to get rid of her so does anyone have any advice on how to make her toes stay straight?


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    Jan 24, 2011
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    I had a newborn chick hatch like this a while back and we used two of the circle bandaids they use for when you get shots. We put one on the bottom making sure that the toes were set the way they should be not curled and one on the top of that to keep the sticky bandaid from getting stuck to everything. She kept it on for about 4 days and it fell off naturally probably with her picking at it lol. Now her toes are much better and she is walking great.

    Hope this helps.

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