Curly Toe: Treatments not Working


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May 7, 2012
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One of our barred rock chicks has what we thought was curly toe. It's leg was paralyzed, it couldn't pull it in, it was left sticking out at an odd angle. It's toes curled upwards. We poured b12 super concentrate into the water. We also put it on the chick's foot/leg. It helped a little, but it never got better. We gave them lettuce, sprouted wheat, and a little bit of carrot. After two weeks, the chick isn't better. It's gone thru ups and downs, getting better, then worse, then a little better.... It was bad again today. We're wondering if it's sprained or something, except for the curled toes. We're feeding DuMore chick food, and this one is the only one that has it. The rest are healthy.

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Mar 6, 2008
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It could be hereditary instead of dietary. If it is dietary, you won't achieve any success with B12 "concentrate" in the water or topically. Nor will you help the chick with sprouted wheat, lettuce, or carrots. It is Riboflavin, which is B2, that is not being received by the chick if it isn't hereditary. A good multivitamin soluble powder like Avian Super Pack in the water is what is needed. If not caught early enough, permanent damage is done. Stay away from Dumor feeds. It is garbage.
Take a look at Lazy J Farms post:

Also, know that their poultry feeds have been on the FDA's recall list:
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