Curtains for coop windows and/or nests

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  1. joebryant

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    Do chickens prefer their coop to be dark or with lots of light? I'm considering putting curtains or blinds over the windows this winter because I won't be needing them for ventilation. Also, I've read that hens like their nesting area dark. Does anyone put curtains over their nesting area?
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    Feb 28, 2007
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    I will be putting curtains in the windows....mainly for summer use to block the hot sun. Hens DO like a darker spot for laying..we position the nest boxes facing away from the windows. The darkest box is usually the most popular nest.
  3. Cetawin

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    Same here joebryant. I have two windows in the coop and am making lined drapes to put over them. I am lining them to help keep the winter cool out, they will be pulled back in the summer.

    I have not considered shading the nest boxes aside from placing them under the big window to avoid direct light inside them.
  4. joebryant

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    Thanks, Justusnak and Cetawin, I'll buy some readymade lined ones for the windows/doors. I'll have to think about how I might darken the nests though because mine are built in and cannot be moved to a darker area. Maybe a thin curtain across the front of the nests would make them feel like they had privacy somewhat.
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    My hens don't seem to have any preference when it comes to added privacy for their chosen nesting box. I think as long as it is more or less isolated and they can get 'into' something. But then again, I have several that often choose to lay in the corner under the nesting boxes and this is a wide open area. I'd worry about such things if your hens aren't laying or you are worried about excessive heat in the coop; otherwise its just one more thing that will become ultra dusty and need frequent cleaning
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    I will be putting curtains in the windows.

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  7. Curtains are a very good idea! i've been carrying my hens individually into a dark hutch inside my shed when they fuss too much. Once they get in there they calm down and lay their egg. Then i carry them back out to the pen with the others. It's a bit labor intensive. Curtains sound much easier.
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    They'll really like it if their curtains match the bedspread.

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