Custom built backyard duck house / chicken coop

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    Nov 16, 2010
    I.B. Crazy Coops "CLUCK HOUSE"

    Our units are built with only the best of materials, designs for function and beauty, & are built to last! We are one of the best around!

    The picture of the unit below is of our very popular coop for smaller back yards. Originally designed with the intention of a duck house, the styling quickly turned into much more. The only difference between this unit being a duck house or chicken coop would be the amount of cage wire versus wood panels.

    Dimensions are 5 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The solid slanted roof opens to allow easy access for cleaning and to add air flow on hot days. There are three nesting boxes built in with an outside door for easy egg retrieval. There is a small ramp door to allow your poultry easy access in and out of the coop. The floor can be either cage mesh or wood. A full size door can be added to one of the ends for easier access to inside of coop. There is about 6 inches of space underneath the coop. This unit gives a big punch for a little space allowing room for at least 4-6 chickens.

    This unit sells for $465 as pictured - there are many optional upgrades as well. Please note, delivery fee is in addition to price depending on location.

    We build all of our coops in Southern California, and can deliver throughout the entire state for a fee, and out of California, many of our units can be freight shipped as well.

    You can visit us directly at and we can be reached at 619-730-0568

    Thanks for looking!

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