Cute lap chicks


10 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX
I got Galena (dk brahma) and Jade (ee) out yesterday for Mom & me to hold on our laps. Galena promptly settled down in a hollow by my hand and went to sleep. Jade wandered around a bit, but them Mom started massaging the back of her head and she closed her eyes and rocked back and forth. It was cute. Mom stopped when she got a call, so I cupped my hand about 6 inches away from Jade - made a little cave. Jade started side shuffling until she was under my hand and went straight to sleep. awwwww. The girls don't like being picked up, but they seem to love being held.
Mumbles, my only silkie hatch, loves to hang out on me. She runs around on me, trys to peck things, talks to me and then settles down under my cupped hands and naps. She is a fiesty little thing for 7 days old! She screams bloody murder when I put her back in her brooder box. I am getting more silkie eggs today so hopefully I will have a better hatch this time and Mumbles will have some playmates!!!
That sounds sooo cute! I'm just up the road from Cypress!

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