cute polish: Is she splash?


7 Years
Jul 24, 2013
If it has some black in it, it is probably a Splash. However, it is hard to be sure without a clearer photo.


6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
I'm not completely sure on the color. Splash is certainly possible. I haven't had any experience raising Polish myself, so don't know exactly what the different colors look like as they age.


6 Years
Dec 4, 2013
Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA
A clearer picture would definitely help in the color identification process. I don't have any experience with polish chickens but I did raise two splash ameraucanas this summer and I would assume color expresses itself the same regardless of breed. I bought them from a breeder after seeing and falling in love with his splash colored birds. Mine started out mostly yellow with a faint grey hue as chicks and then were mostly white as they started to get feathers. They didn't really start to get dark speckles until after their first set of feathers fell out and their real adult feathers started to come in.

here are some pictures of their color progress ... hopefully they will help you id your bird's color.

here they are as chicks ... you can see they are kind of a grayish yellow


you can see in these pictures that they were mostly white when their feathers first started coming in ... I got kinda worried at this point that I had gotten some duds in the color department lol

This is a picture taken after their first set of feathers had molted and their real adult feathers were coming in ... more color but still not tons.

These are pictures I took of them this week (they are now about 5-6 months) and they finally have the bright spots of color. My rooster Burberry (in the right picture) still doesn't have all his big boy feathers yet so I'm sure he will be even more splashed as he ages.

Your little guy is cute! you will have to keep us updated with his/her progress
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