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Jan 9, 2013
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This is a cutest chicken contest!
Enter as many chickens as you want! Any breed any gender. Any Breed any age. Make sure to post their Name, Breed, Personality, and Gender. You may post their age it's not reqiured. I will judge once I think there is enough entrys. I will have a 1st - 5th place. If you dont win dont feel bad all chickens are cute. Remember this is a cute contest not a best looking contest. Your chicken is cute, all chickens are, so remember that. There is no prize this is just for fun, though if anyone would like to donate a prize pm me.
The main rule is HAVE FUN!

May the Dark Brahma hen. Super sweet, fox-attack survivor.

Lili the white Silkie hen. (Silkie's are probably my fav breed!) Super sweet, tame. raised her from chick, just a gorgeous hen.

Ollie with her adopted baby, Claire

Ollie dusting with a much-grown Claire (far left, not ollie) , Smokey, and Polliwog in the background. Ollie a blue-splash silkie hen, and is the least tame of our Silkie's but is still a great mama.
P.s. Think this idea is great!
A couple more i wanna add,

This is Bernie, a black-silkie hen.She is less tame-like ollie, but is still super sweet (aren't all silkies?)

To add to Ollie's photos...

Percy-weirdly puffed up! Percy is a bantam black amauricana. she is so fun to hold, but difficult to catch (anyone else have any of those!?)

This is Chardonnay and her sister Sangria. They are Golden lace Wyandottes, my first of this breed. I've only had them about a week. They are something else. Friendly and kind of cooky. Just had to share the pic of Chardonnay all stretched out on my shoulder. She had me cracking up. So funny.

antone else??

Buffy and "White Girl" (needs a name) are 3 day old Silkie pullets, Buffy is wild and rambunctious, and WG is super sweet, They're our first Silkies and I can't believe how lovey they are!

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