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Sep 12, 2021
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My Coop
Hi, welcome to the (drumroll please!)🥁 "Cutest Salmon Faverolles Contest!!!" In this contest feel free to show of your Salmon Faverolles be it hens or roosters or both! There will be the 2 judges one will be me and the other will be a volunteer! If you want to volunteer to be a judge then just pm me!

Rules: 1: Three entrees per person.
2: You can mainly do just salmon faverolles, but favercanas are Ok too!
3: Don't be rude! Try to be nice to everyone!
4: All BYC rules are required.
5: And have fun!

Please try to follow the format: (Without the proper format then it will be disqualified)

Name: Betsy
Age in picture: 2 years old
Place I bought her from: Tarbox Hollow Poultry
Fun fact (Optional): In this picture Betsy is eating her favorite treat with her flock!

(That was just an example)

This is a privet contest and will be no prizes except for bragging rights! There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!

Now go post some pics of your beautiful Salmon faverolles! Have fun, and good luck!
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Oooooh pick me pick me!! This is Bunty. She is six months old and I got her from IFA which I think uses MurrayMcMurray

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