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    I saw bags of D E on the shelf. I read the lable . It says that it will kill most crawling insects .But I see no food grade on it any where looks like they are selling it just as an insectacide.. It says it can be used in pet quarters but don't breath the dust. What is the differance between food grade?might just be the labeling?The product name is Safer. This has been on the shelf quite a while... I think I can pick these bags up cheap . because it is dead shelf space . what about it can I use it in the chicken yard ? Maybe & not get in the feed?--- hard to pass up a deal these days---- but don't want to kill the hens.
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    if it doesn't say it, than it's not food grade. it has to do with where it comes from. not food grade can be very toxic. they will all kill bugs. but only food grade is safe to injest. they also all say not to inhale dust (even food grade) I choose to ingnore that part.
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    DLS I just tryed to squish the bug on my screen. thought it was real [​IMG]
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    I just answered a post on page 3 referencing the same subject and "safer Brand" DE. I looked it up and there are pesticides in it. Wouldnt use it around animals. Even in the run they might pick at it! It says there is a "slight" toxicity risk as well!

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