Dang Cat!

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9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
Near Bert Blyleven
Yesterday I hear the warning bawks out back. My austrolorp and wyandotte are just raising cane! I look around and see a cat perched on my 6 ft cedar fence eyeing up my birds. I chased him off. I went around to all my neighbors to inquire about this particular vermin and nobody admits to it being theirs.
Soooo, hope he doesn't come around again or it's dirt nap time.
Are you sure he wasn't just looking? All 4 of my cats are fascinated by the giant birds on the lawn.

Do you have cats? The reason I ask is that I live on a farm with feral cats, yet none have come after my birds. I suspect my own pride keep them at bay.

I am not a cat person, and I am new to chickens and ducks, but I think my cats are protective of the yard birds.
No, don't own cats, don't hate them either.
I normally leave my girls out all day- until I find out what's up, they'll be in the run until I'm home from work.
Who knows, maybe the thing wouldn't harm them, I'd hate to find out the hard way though.
Yes, I would make it clear the cat is not welcome - water hose - ugly sounds - something. Cats really are easily run away. Vain creatures crave admiration!

Good luck!

(Don't let them think you hate them - or you will be like a cat magnet.)
generally speaking, cats will leave chickens alone. they're too small to go after adult LF chickens. but they sure help keep the mice out of your chicken feed
the one thing about cats you have to watch for is if you've got banty chickens, or chicks. and even then, usually it's only a problem if there's not a hen watching the babies. (obviously there are some exceptions to this, but, it has been my experience.)
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