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    I'm in Cedar Springs, Mi and I know there has been a lot of talk lately on here about the cold and ducklings and when they can go out. Woke up this morning and incredibly thankful I have all 11 of my ducks in my basement. Woke up to temps -13 degrees, that is right NEGATIVE 13, and that is NOT the windchill, just the temp alone! DANG!!! I put the 2 adults outside and less then 5 min the drake was acting like he was put on hot coals or something, he couldn't get his feet up inside him fast enough, and knocking on our slider, so inside then came again. I really need to order me those duck diapers!! I have to measure my special needs girl today and put an order in ASAP, went to Nettie's sight(INDOOR DUCK) and saw a fabric for one of the babies, PERFECT for her name. Nettie has lightening pattern and one of the hens is named "STORMY" after my youngest sons rabbit and a white spot on her neck, and of all days Stormy hatched on a "Stormy Day", so I named some of the ducklings after the weather we had that day. Sunny, Stormy, ect. LOL! My youngest wants to name a drake baby if we have any down the road "DOMINATOR" after Reed Timmers Car from "Storm Chasers." Oh bless his heart!

    Anyway, how cold are you? What are your ducks doing, avoiding, going out, no different, or hunkering down?
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    Jul 29, 2009
    We had -11 * in Clare. I let my chickens out and fed them, they usually stay out all day in the covered run. This morning they ate for about 5 mins then returned to the coop. Even my 2 dogs went outside for a few mins and came right back in. Ijust made the birds some pancakes with cornmeal, oatmeal and canned corn, (rinsed well) took out to them and they went crazy.
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    Jun 18, 2009
    Well, I'm in Mass and we haven't hit the -degrees yet but I hear it's coming. We are buried under several feet of snow here and my ducks are NOT digging it! They're outdoor ducks and they've been pretty much hibernating in their shed - it's insulated and heated with a couple of heat lamps. About 30 seconds out of the shed and they're all doing the "flutter and tuck" dance too. I feel for them...but it is pretty funny to watch!

    The funniest thing so far was right after our first snow storm a couple weeks ago. My rouen drake was waddling out with the others, third in line, and about 1/2 way down the path he decides his feet are way too cold and the others aren't moving fast enough so he "flies" ahead (which for a rouen means wing assisted jumping of about 2 feet!) and lands smack in the middle of the unshoveled yard. He was on top of the snow for about 10 seconds and then his fat butt sank to the ground. The look on his face as the snow "ate" him was priceless! I really have to start keeping my camera with me to catch these things!
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    we are -12 (no wind chill) and will be up to 30by tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!! (get ur shorts out [​IMG] ) They stay in their pond alot (in enclosed pen w/tank heater) and they have acess to a heated hut ( kept on low heat) that they have their toys in they play with. and they like to nap in there.... they dont like the cold at all tho... I put alot of straw out on the snow but they VERY SELDOM go out.... if the wind doesnt blow they will prbly go out tomorrw !!! Their pen stays at least 10 degress warmer and when the sun comes out , it gets up to 40 degress pretty easy... very comfey !!! Jus cant wait for Spring !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
    Southern New England
    Yup, about -5 around 7 a.m. in southern New England. Brrr. High expected to be upper teens.

    Ducks stay in the basement at night, and when it's below 20F. I'm wondering what kind of board games I could give them to keep them occupied until the sun hits the garden!
  6. JosieR

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    Apr 24, 2010
    Orange County, NY
    We were -7 this morning -16 with the windchill!! I feel so bad for them. They're house is insulated and I propped the door open since I've been having trouble with condensation. Although at -7 with the humidity in the 70% range I don't know what I'm going to be able to do.

    They were all just sitting around on their feet drinking water, I put out fresh hay on top of some snow that I've mostly cleared away but there are some icy spots. I left the door open never thinking they would come out. As I'm walking away, there they all are, already down the ramp and on the hay. [​IMG] Silly ducks. I was thisclose to bringing one of my old runners into her old brooder box because she's got some gunk around her eyes and is acting like she's tolerating the cold even less than my other runner but I'm trying to hope that they know best.
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    Amiga, how about shuffle board? Runners don't look like they have the body fat that other ducks have, thats just from pics. I've seen on here I've never seen one in person, Also being up right and slim means they could probably wear a coat or polar fleece jacket? better get in touch with Nettie..[​IMG]
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    Yup, my drake and the babies are runner/rouen mixes, well the drake is a runner, a big pansy with the cold and the rouen, she already has special needs as it is, but she is a petite 2lbs and can't put her disabled leg up inside her down, so it isn't an option to have her outside. But I will be contacting Nettie soon after I take measurements and get things together, either before or after my Vegas trip.
  9. jack & mommy's duckies

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    Jan 24, 2010
    I'm in Ontario Canada....and right now it is -16...-21 with wind chill. I keep the small duck door open on the house....and it is warm in there. Lots of staw and friends to cuddle with (I take my jacket off when in the duck house...it is that warm) but for some reason as soon as I open the door at 7am out they come. Until I chase them back in just before dark. Some of them have been swimming in the water pans. And have a little ice on them...but they don't seem to care. I check them often for any signs they aren't doing so well but so far....no problems. I guess if they were cold they would go in.

    I also can't wait for spring. I'm just dieing [​IMG] to get outside and spend some time with the birds...it has been awhile since we all shared a tea and some yummies [​IMG]
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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    Well, um, it is currently 55 here. Was in the 20s this morning. I Keep the ducks in their hut a little longer in the morning when it is cold if possible. If not, I just let them out, break ice in pools/bowls/etc and once the sun comes out, it usually warms up decently to be comfortable for everybody.

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