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    Just found mites on one of my birds, the 8 year old Buff Orp. We dusted all the birds (only have four) with permethrin and now I'm wondering how to do the chicken house. Should I take all the straw out and put permethrin dust down and get a new bale or just replace the floor and nest/sleeping area straw with straw from bale that's been in the house. I guess my question is, will the mites be in the unopened bale of straw in the house?
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    I discourage using straw at all for chickens because the mites actually hang out inside the straw..... I would get rid of all your bedding in the coop, sprinkle sevin (if that's what you're using), and put in pine shavings...mix sevin into that as well.

    If you have access to orange oil (can buy it at most Ace Hardware stores)..I suggest wiping down any/all the wood with that. (other oils work too, but don't use motor oil on any of the roosts, because it will burn their feet!)

    You can also put some of the Sevin in they're favorite dusting areas so they keep "re-dusting" themselves.

    If they have a bunch of mites around their vents (they often will)- spread a thin layer of vaseline over the mites/eggs/

    Make sure they get re-dusted after 7-10 days...as the dust doen't kill eggs.

    Good LUck!

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