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Could this be caused from antibiotics? She was eating yesterday and drinking, separated her from flock 2 days ago because of odd behavior. Been hand feeding her some grapes when she will eat, and hand dripping her water with antibiotic. Her comb still looks nice and red, but she doesn't talk as much. She will cluck when I pick her up. She doesn't sound so rattley as she did 2 days ago. Thnx!
I see dark green poop whenever a chicken isn't eating very much -- it's like the green stuff is the bare "essentials" of the poop without all the bulk. I wouldn't count it as a separate thing to worry about. Best of luck with your chicken!
My little roo had lime green poo once. Took him to the vet. He was also acting sick. He ate a cicada that didnt agree with him. She said sometime things they eat will cause the poo to be different colors.
Yes it was purple grapes! She's pooing white with some green in it. Stopped eating grapes, but will eat finely crushed cheetos...still hand feeding her and water every hour or two. She sleeps a lot too. Do hens that are egg bound behave like this? How can I check for that? The antibiotic I picked up from the feed store and is water soluble, oxytetracycline hydrocloride. Any more tips will be so appreciated! thank you for all the advice
Holy cow.... it just occured to me that I gave my chickens purple cabbage... obviously one of them was a bigger piggy than the others.

Interesting that you L would post a question that in a round about fashion answered something I was wondering about...

I love this site! lol
I gave my girls a small purple cabbage yesterday and this morning the coop was full of dark green poop. I'm pretty positive that all 3 are pooping green because of the cabbage. They aren't acting strange and they are eating and drinking normally.

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