Darn raccoon!


10 Years
May 22, 2009
Dexter, Michigan
Last night I went out to close up my ducks, who usually put themselves away in their coop every night on their own. They were all in the garage, and when I tried to herd them into their coop, they wouldn't go anywhere near it. So I got a flashlight and looked in the coop, and there was a raccoon sitting inside, just waiting for a duck dinner. I had to poke it in the face with my pitchfork to get it to leave; I gave it a couple of good wallops on the rear on its way out the door. I guess it just came out of hibernation... which means tonight I have to get my .22 out hibernation, clean it, and get ready! And here it is, only the beginning of March... I hope it's not going to be a bad year for predators.
Do you have to kill it? couldn't you relocate it? When ever we get a predator whether it be a carpet python or a dingo, and even if it has killed or not I catch and relocate somewhere suitable! Because if it has killed it is my fault for not keeping my birds safe enough!!!! Simple as that! My pens are like fort knox tho LOL but then you don't leave anything to chance! And besides racoons are cute..... Not to mention smart, is is true they wash their food before eating?
Do you have to kill it? couldn't you relocate it?

When you do that, you just give someone else your problem.​
There's no way I would have let that coon get away. They are the one animal I kill every chance I get. They are prolific and not in the least endangered. They're about one of the worst poultry predators there is.

No kidding! The darn thing was sitting right in the coop ?- guess I need to add that to my list of daily actives (inspect the coop before putting the chickens in at night).

I am with you on the .22 solution . We had a few raccoons terrorizing our garbage, Jason exterminated one and we have never seen raccoons again. I think they got the hint this wasn't the best raccoon restaurant to go to.

Good luck on ridding your yard of them.
When you do that, you just give someone else your problem.

I agree. I live out in the country and when the leaves are on the trees you can't see our house. You wouldn't believe how many people dump their problems off on us.

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