Data Collecting Grocery Store Hatch Rates:Whole Foods,Trader Joes,etc

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    Aug 26, 2010
    I am helping with my daughter's science fair project on the effects of music on hatch rates. She ran into a serious problem with the hatchery which has now compromised the project...only 1/2 our order arrived and it will have taken 3 weeks to get the other half replaced, IF they show up next week.

    So as time runs out, I am trying to salvage the project. My solution is a do-over using Whole Foods eggs.

    Knowing that all things in incubating and hatching are NOT equal I was wondering if anyone who has hatched eggs from a grocery store would be willing to respond to this thread with their hatch rates. You can make it many eggs you put in, and how many chicks you got out. We will skip all the in-betweens of viable vs. non viable, pippers but quitters, etc. For example:

    Trader Joe's : 3 out of 12

    A few side notes:
    This is an assist with the research portion. Please no judgment about my involvement. She has worked so hard and I don't want this to crash and burn on her. She is in seventh grade this is her first science fair and it is not mandatory. I just hate to see her get discouraged.

    The chicks will be staying with us until they are fully feathered. We have experienced homes planned for them. [​IMG]


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