Daughter's School Hatching Project - Looking for step by step instructions


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Mashpee, Cape Cod, Massachussetts
My daughter informed me that "We" volunteered to set up a chicken hatching project at her school. Of course like most "Surprise" projects they want to do it soon.

First and foremost we have a local friend who is supplying the eggs and will take all the chicks that hatch.

We have a newer model GQF1588 with an LG egg turner. Last year I used an instruction sheet that I think came from a BYC member on StyroBators. I can't find it on my computer or figure what search term I used to find it here.

Currently I'm trying to create a step by step or day by day set of instructions for a fifth grade class to follow. I'm using the FAQ and Learning Center information from BYC.

Thanks for any input

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