Day 1 is it normal for the temp to be low when you first put them in?


8 Years
Aug 2, 2011
Madison, CT
We have been running the incubator the day before we set eggs, so we could keep it at a nice steady rate at 95.5 degrees humdity is around 40-45%.
But once we added the eggs, the temperature just won't seem to go back up!
I know its probably from having to open the bator, so we are raising the heat, waiting and trying to be patient while its trying to get back to its normal temp.
Its been about an hour now, should i be worried its as low as 96 right now? Or is this pretty normal after opening a bator the first time.
I'm using a hovabator 1620 with a air fan and egg turner.
Yes, it is normal for the temperature to drop. The eggs have to be heated up too, and it may take a little while. It should even out as they get up to temperature.
Ok, thats good to hear. I was worried.
Yup i followed the tylan egg dip method procedures. So they should be safe from any kind of CRD, unless they are somehow exposed to it later on, after they hatch.
I was alittle nervous putting the eggs in cold water like they tell you too, but some are still developing well, so it obviously didn't kill them

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