DAY 1 is when?


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
Im confused....I put my eggs in the incubator on May 18th.
Does the time line start the next day? .... 24 hours later is DAY 1 , MAY 19th as its a FULL 24 hrs since they went in?
Or is the day you put them IN the incubator Day 1?
If I put eggs in an incubator or under a hen I look at the day, say it's Tuesday, then I expect chicks Tuesday 3 weeks later. (Which of course means the chicks hatch either Monday or Wednesday...
But, yeah, 24 hours is day 1. 20 to go.
A thread here said that if you post them before noon, that day is day one, and if you post them after noon, the next day is day one. :idunno That's just what I follow and it works. Chicks hatch right on time. I set some eggs at 9:00pm on April 1st, and they hatched April 22nd. If I had made April 2nd the first day they would have hatched April 21st like I had expected. Make sense? lol.

Hope I could help.

I'll go get the link for the hatching thread :)

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