Day 10 - add turner, or move transport to a different location?

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    I have looked through some past posts on BYC, but am still unsure of best choice. I'm hoping some experienced folks can help! [​IMG]

    I am making my second attempt at hatching ducks. Last year was too unplanned - only 3 in the bator, and the three died at different stages.

    This time around I planned for it. I had 27 eggs ready. 1st night in, my bator died (I had bought it off ebay last year). I had forced-air round one (don't remember the name). Next day I went out a bought the LG still air. Three days later the power went out for half of the night - I bundled them in them bater, under blankets. On day seven I candled them and two were duds (not fertile at all), 2 had died (I think), and 23 were quite happy.

    I didn't realize until after the fact, that I really should have the eggs on the screen. Currently I rotate them 3 times a day, with the point end down, at a diagonal angle, on the very bottom of the LG floor. I run the tempurature at 102 (after seeing posts), and it holds fairly steady (three thermometers - 2 regular bulb, one digital from wal-mart, that also says the humidity).

    My question is - something has come up, and I might go out of town next weekend. Can I put them on turner this late? If so, how would I best handle the temperature, since they are so low at the moment.

    Or - I could transport them to my Mother-in-laws house, and she can turn them. I would fear they would get damaged in the drive though (our driveway alone is long, steep, and bumping!).

    Which is the safer route?

    Thanks!! I hope to get some fuzzy butts this time around!

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    Ether will work. Eggs that have been in the incubator can handle travel a little better than fresh ones. If you move them just take them out an put them in a carton till the incubator is back up an running. If you just add a turner you will have to readjust them temp for the higher eggs.

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