Day 11 for Salmon Favorelles and more eggs in the mail

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    Mar 19, 2007
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    It's Day 11 now for the bantam Salmon Favorelles eggs that I got from eBay. I candled two of the 14 eggs yesterday and definitely saw lots of movement in one of them.

    I had thrown in 5 eggs from my OEGB hen with the SFs eggs just to see if my little hen was laying fertile eggs. I candled one of her eggs and saw a dark area and veins, but no obvious movement. However, her egg shells are very thick as are all of my pullet's eggs. I'll have to keep checking those.

    So at present I've got some of Dipsy Doodle Doo's silkies hatched out and brooding with my hen Betty, plus the SF and OEGB eggs incubating. As if I didn't already have enough chicks running around or on the way, I couldn't resist some Welsummer eggs on Ovabid. At least a half dozen of the Welsummer eggs are in the mail and on their way to me. I should have at least 10 spots left in the auto egg turner in the Hovabator 1588. So I could end up having to candle all of the SF and OEGB eggs and discard any non-developing ones to accomodate the new Welsummer eggs. That way I can reserve my Little Giant and use it as a hatcher for the last three days on SFs and OEGBs.

    Oh, the intricacies of planning how you're going to hatch more eggs than you should be hatching in the first place. [​IMG]

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