day 14 eggs under broody hatching already??

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May 22, 2009
Hi all, I put 2 eggs under my broody BR on May 31st and 6 more on June 1. She is still in the hen house on a nest and only gotten off the nest very briefly. Tonite I went to check on her eggs and when I pulled one out to listen to it was bloody and yolky. Now I haven't messed with her eggs to much, only to candle them on Saturday nite. We were VERY gentle

Are they starting to hatch already? or could they it have been damaged or broken by the hen herself. Or could one of the other hens when she was off the nest broken it.

I guess what I'm asking is, is 21 days a hard and fast rule for an incubator and a broody hen or do they hatch sooner under a broody??

I have hatched eggs under this hen before and remember being surprised one day to find that the eggs had hatched. I don't remember however how many days she had sat on them.

She has become very protective with in the last few days, more so than earlier

Plus I don't know when I should move her.. I was going to move her after the hatch, but maybe I should move her sooner.
Help please!


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Mar 17, 2008
Day 14 is too early, it sounds like one might've gotten cracked and broken under her. If it was a chick hatching, it would've absorbed the blood and yolk before hatching.

I still follow the Day 21 hatching whether I'm using a broody or an incubator. I've had chicks hatch from Day 19-23, but I still calculate by Day 21.

Chickn chick 46

10 Years
May 22, 2009
Thank you. I was afraid of that. I don't know however which one exactly is broken to take it out. It will I'm sure get smelly and nasty. There were shavings and stuff on two of the eggs.

Bet I'll be able to figure it out very soon


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May 18, 2010
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most eggs hatch or start hatching on the 21st day if they hatch sooner you may of counted your days wrong or the temp is to hot if they hatch later then day 21 the temp is is to cold or you counted your days wrong if the chick does not hatch in between 21st day and the 26th day there may have ben a problem in developing or it was not fertile
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