Day 14- mericks disease? amenia? wry neck? ear infection????? Help!!!! Please!!!

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Apr 11, 2015
Perth, Australia
I have a 21 week out speckled Sussex who is not very well...

Day 1 Came back from holiday on Sunday, noticed Monday she was quiet, Monday evening noticed a twitch in her head... Got on google came up with mites/lice so went out and yep covered in lice or mites couldn't work out which (felt terrible I didn't even know!!!) sprayed that evening...

Day 2 my partner went out to find her on the floor with her head one side down and spinning around... Her got her out cleaned her and and kept her in a box, she deteriorated from there- not eating, not drinking, not really responsive

Day 3, 4 and 5 much the same.
We gave antibiotics and water, day 4 we started syringe feeding as well.
We also wormed her on day 3 as that morning we found worms in another chickens poo (again feel terrible I didn't know:( )... After being wormed a couple passed after being wormed

Day 6 she has started to pick up eye open still not moving too much.

Day 7 eyes open more than previous day still laying always kick and spin every now and then. Gave her a bath as she was getting fairly messy from food and antibitc spills and poos.

Day 8 visit to the vet... They had her on an antibiotic drip and kept her for the day $500 later and we are none the wiser as to what is wrong with her...
Higher white blood cells showed up in bloods and also a high gram-negative bacteria.
When we brought her home we thought we would give her a go with mealworms (a fav of every chick) and yes!!! She picked her head up and had a go for them it was very hit and miss but she was doing it with some help :)

Day 9
Still just laying eyes opened up fair bit eating more worms with assistance, kicking her legs a bit more than before but head still down...

Please help with any advise we don't know what to do!!

We have heard mericks disease, amenia, wry neck, egg bound, fractured neck... Don't know what we are hopeful as she makes improvements but as the days go on and she still isn't standing or holding her neck up straight our hope just fades

She is generally laying to a side, head does seam "crooked", doesnt talk too much only when she's not happy with us or around her friends.

Hope this is enough info
Ok day 10
She's still just laying down, her head is still tilted to one side. Having a few worms when we hold them near her- still hit and miss- head a bit wobbly and after she's had them she seams exhausted and goes back to sleep (which she is doing a lot of)
Today we found yellow stuff coming out the ear that she is keeping down- could it be an ear infection??? Will the antibiotics we got at the vet help or is there something more we should do? Could this explain her not wanting to get up/ keeping her head down????
We really want her to get better but we are at our wits end as to what to do with her- we can't keep doing our daily routine for ever and it's not fair on her either :(
hope it doesn't come to euthanasia :?
Day 11

She is still not getting getting up or holding her head up.
More yellow seams to be coming out of her ear.
She has done 3 really big runny poos today.
Fairly restless during the day but seams to be sleeping alright now (8.30pm)

It's day 2 of the antibiotics given by vet, day 1 of vitamin e liquid, follow up of worm treatment

Still no idea what it is, treating for everything and hopefully cover what ever it is :(
Day 12, 13, 14

Still not standing or holding her head up. She seams to be awake more during the day than before.

She can push her self up but then sorta flips over so doesn't actually get her self up.
Around her ear is still yellow, inside it, it looks clean.
She sometimes opens her mouth- like gapeworn but bit diff to what I've seen. She has had 2 doses of worm treatment so shouldn't be it. It's weird and unsure why she's doing it??

We are giving her more food.
Increased her vitamin e dose.
Tomorrow is her last day on the antibiotics.

We are focusing on the wry neck now- doesn't completely make sense but think it might have come on from what ever else she is/was fighting... Hopefully it's not too late to help her.

Please again any info/advise you have would be greatly appreciated :)
I have read all your posts, and I still can't understand what you are trying to accomplish? Even if you will improve her condition, what you think will be here quality of life? Do you really think that after all this time and treatment,yet with no significant success,she will return to here first condition? If I was in your situation I would think again( death is a significant factor in having chickens, and from experience you can't save them all!) sorry.
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