Day 18 hatch!


9 Years
Feb 6, 2010
SF Peninsula
I have 3 out of a dozen hatched so far. The first pipped just before 8 am. Then 2 more shortly after and the last one turbo zipped and in a couple of hours all 3 popped out within 5 minutes of each other. One that was jiggling last night with them, still no sign of pipping. Come on little buddies!

yeah! so excited I think I'll burst!!!
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Two more hatched this afternoon, so we are up to 5 out of 12. think there is one more jiggler. We'll see what happens during the eve/night. Kids came home from school and got to see the last two zip and hatch. I'm so glad they didn't miss it.
There are some really vocal onces in the bunch. Can hear them in the bator in the kitchen all the way upstairs. so cute!!!
Yes..Congratulations on the hatch so far.

If you are only on your 18th day, you may get more than you think. You can't always see every pip and may not see them moving either.
You will most likely get the bulk of the hatch on days 18-19, but don't give up hope until after 21 days.

There is still plenty of time left to get a good hatch, though you are doing better right now than my last hatch.

We want's to see pics when you get the chance
Thanks guys/gals, pics are on their way.....unfortunately lost number 4 last night. Only 4 hours old, I found it just laying on its side in the bator while drying out and only lasted a couple minutes after I saw it then it took it's last breath. Poor thing had been bullied but the older 1st 3. Number 5 was still wet and stumbling around so i took the older three out so they wouldn't peck him. He's been in the bator alone over night with the other three who now look way bigger all fluffed up, in the brooder. Is it OK to put the youngster in the brooder this morning. I think I read 24 hours max in the bator. He's standing up and yelling right now, but I don't him to be bullied by the older ones!!! Can anyone help out a first-time mom?

Hopefully some more arrive today, no more overnight. Do they take a rest in the dark? We noticed the jugglers move when the flashlight was shone on them......
Coturnix chicks do not usually cannibalize...pick/peck each other to death in the bator/brooder.
Please contact Schroeder for answers, because he/she is way more better at ciphering than I is. I didn't do 3.45 years at Indianan state, so I'm not qualified to answer any questions.

I'm sorry you are having problems and wish I could help, but I just can't. I don't have the brain power.


6 hours max in the bator without food or water. Put that chick in the brooder. 100deg. under the hot spot with all you can eat 30% protein game bird starter and wet/drown proof waterers.

Though you should consult Schroeder, because he/she has been successfully raising coturnix longer than my 3+ years
Thanks so much Worlding ( your 3 years is way more than my 0 time experience). I've taken out number 5 and they are all snuggling together. I don't think the others pecked number 4 to death, but my daughter saw them holding him by his wing and trying to drag him?!? Anyway, my 11 and 13 year old girls insisted that the older birds should be removed to the brooder, which we did. By then the 5th egg hatched and so the two younger ones were left in the bator to dry out. About an hour or so later I found the dying bird. Maybe they knew he wasn't so strong? Anyway, now have 4 happy chicks in the brooder. My DH says the hormone levels in the house are getting to high for him to deal with and he's retreated to his office LOL.
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