Day 18 Hatch


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
Arroyo Grande, Ca
I had a clutch of 7 beneath my broody hen. I was doing my morning rounds, and I stopped to check on momma bird, Helga. I was petting her when I heard a familiar cheep-cheep. I picked her up to find 2 hatched chicks, 3 pips, and 2 unchanged eggs. Today is day 18. I have gone back several times to count on my calendar, and I am certain today is 18. At 4:30 of day 18, I now have 5 of the 7 chicks hatched, dry, happy, and healthy.

This is my 4th hatch. My last hatch came on day 19/20. What could cause an early hatch? Is this normal?

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