Day 19 - two very large pips....I moved the eggs to the hatcher


11 Years
Jul 27, 2008
Day 19 - two very large pips....I moved the eggs to the hatcher this morning and heard chirping.

The two eggs must have pipped through the night. I didnt hear anything or any movement from them. Today is day 19 so hopefully they make it and didnt try to pip to early. the humididty was only 50% in the incubator. and it is 805 in the hatcher. I hoope they didnt try to pip and get stuck.....if they would have gotten out they would have been in the auto egg turner..

i checked real hard last night to make sure there were no pips and low and behold - I get up this morning and two largeer than life pips!

I will take photos and post them...
My last hatch in June was some Cochin and Cochin/Orp mix eggs, those brats 3 of them hatched partially in the bator, in the turner on Day 19. I just happened to come in from outside and heard loud chirping
I called my hubby as I had about 18 or so to move.
We got them moved and they all started pipping and hatching like crazy. By day 21 all but 5 were hatched and those never hatched.
I may have been a Day off in my calculations, but I don't think so.
I'm on day 19 too, still no pips yet, but I am expecting that special day to come soon!

Good luck and i hope your eggs hatch out!

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