Day 2 and too mellow?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Our7Wonders, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Yesterday we rec'd our shipment of chicks, all 30 were alive and seemed well. Gave them 3Tbsp. of sugar in each of their 1 quart waterers to start with and all seemed to be doing well throughout the day yesterday: eating, drinking, and very active.

    Before bed last night I checked them all for pastey butt - a couple had a little poo residue around their bottoms, but none were coated. I cleaned all those that needed it and used a cotton swab to put a dab of olive oil on ALL the bottoms as a preventative. I also gave them fresh water and added the Qwik Chick (electrolytes) to the water.

    Today the chicks seem less "perky". None actually seem ill or lethargic, just worn out. Much more sleepy today than yesterday. They all seem to be eating and drinking but far less chipper today. When I woke and saw them this way I worried perhaps the electrolytes were the cause so I removed the waterers, cleaned them and put in just plain fresh water instead. Not sure that it had anything to do with it, but I wanted to be safe.

    I know that after shipping for 2-3 days and then changing to a new environment they might be a bit stressed and worn out. I'm concerned that something may be wrong but again, no real signs of anything other than they all seem sleepy today. They will get up and move around, none seem to wobble or have any difficulty moving once they're up, am I being overly paranoid?

    Is it normal for shipped birds to need some rest to catch back up? If I hadn't seen how fiesty and active they were yesterday I wouldn't have thought anything was wrong, it's only in comparing the difference that I now worry. Were leaving them to themselves today and letting them rest, but just in case they need some intervention I thought I'd ask.

    Yesterday the brooder maintained about 95 degrees. We did raise the lamps a little today just in case and none seem huddled around the heat lamp (then again, none avoided yesterday, so I don't think it was too warm either). It's now about 90-92. I thought if it were too warm I'd see obvious signs, like them avoiding the lamp by getting as far away as possible. Should I raise the lamp to bring the temp down a little more?

    I have 15 in each of 2 brooders ( Rubbermaid Totes), these are located in our laundry room. They will go into a larger brooder in our basement within a week or so, but wanted them closer at first so we could check on them regularly.

    Are my little fuzz butts just needing a day of rest?


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    [​IMG] Sounds like you are very attentive to your little ones. It is good to give a little sugar in the water when you first get them, but they don't need anything else beside good clean water after that. If they aren't trying to avoid the heat lamp or sleeping in rings around the light edges, then it isn't too hot in there for them. Chicks sleep a lot, and sometimes in the oddest ways, ways that look like they are dead and you have to poke them or make sure they are breathing, just to be sure. If they are acting normally otherwise and eating and drinking, I don't think I would worry. They have been through a lot. They power nap.

    It sounds like you are doing a good job. Post some pics if you can. [​IMG]
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    Chicks sleep a lot, it could be that they have satisfied their need for water and food, and now need to sleep like all babies. I would also suggest no more sugar in the water. I start my shipped chicks out at 90 degrees, I found higher temps to be too much. You sound very capable, continue to do the great stuff you are doing! [​IMG]

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