Day 20 and nothing


12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
Eaton, Ohio
ok all, it was day 20 today and nothing yet.
It is in a hatcher all by itself, in an egg carton, temp is running steady at 99-100. Humidity 65-70.
Haven't opened it, althought its killing me wanting to candle it or SOMEthing!!
I hope we didn't kill it moving from the incubator to hatcher?
This is gona kill me with the waiting...

but we've got more that will be ready in a week to hatch.....

Yes, one egg. Started w/5-first time ever incubating.
One was dented in shipping, one kept candling clear so we finally checked, it was clear, two developed bloodrings but we let them stay a little while longer to look for developement. Finally cracked at day 14 and they were goners. So we're left w/one from this first batch. Today is day 21....I put my ear to the bator to see if I hear anything, haha, I try to talk thru the little holes and see if I get a response,

We have more to go next week, the hatcher that is, but I'd sure like this guy to make it!
Wreck here!
Thanks for the thoughts,
wow im in the same boat. i still have 2 that im sure of out of 5 lol maybe next time will be better. well i dont know ho you can handle the suspense. it would be killing me. im only on day 8 so imagine how desperate i am to be in your shoes lol
oh yea, its nail biting time!
I just keep remembering what everyone here has said, DO NOT OPEN, LEAVE ALONE!

I know eventually we'll get the hang of this but its like waiting for christmas and you know the present you want is coming,

We've got 37 more waiting for thier time and more coming in the mail so we'll get it sometime!
Take care,

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