Day 20 for first timer Broody


12 Years
Jul 4, 2007
I don't post much here, but I'm at "that point" where it's just getting too much to stand the waiting.

I have a young buff orp who has turned out to be quite broody, so I gave her three fertile eggs from a friend's flock. They all turned out to be fertile, and were live and kicking up until day 14.

On day 15, we had some nest confusion...she returned to the wrong nest, another hen laid an egg in the fertile nest box, and the three growing eggs got chilled for some time.

I did candle them on that day, but was unsure of the viability...perhaps one dead. I've chosen to just let mother nature take it's course since then and it's driving me nuts!!

Today is day 20, so we'll have to see how that chill affected them. I must say, though, I'm very proud of my mother hen. She's not soiled her nest box in the least, and she's only left the nest for short periods once a day. Her confusion was my fault, since I didn't organize well.

I should add, also, that she was on the nest about a week before I could finally get her the eggs.

The only remaining test is to see how she mothers any chicks that hatch.

I barely slept last night!
Thanks, Charlie. I'm thinking of giving her several extra days...resisting the urge to candle the eggs.

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