day 21 and nothing

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9 Years
May 21, 2010
The title says it all I dont know what went wrong they were all fine on day 18 we I locked down. They are silkie bantams any advice besides wait. Could it take longer. I am new to this any help would be appriciated. Thanks
sure wish i could help but im new also. maybe candle one or two to see if they are moving. is there any chirping at all?
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On day 23-24 I'd candle them and then take a sharp knife on the viable ones that aren't peeping or moving and just poke a hole in the top of the shell between the inner and outer membranes to see if they're still alive and poke a hole in the inner membrane if they havn't done so themselves so that they can breathe and have a shot at life if they aren't dead.
I hope you have better luck than I did, I ended up with 13 of 16 eggs just yolk and the 3 chicks died in their shells in from one person but then I had all but one egg hatch out of another batch in the same incubator due at the same time, so It's a gamble! But anyways Good hatching vibes your way!
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Sometimes eggs don't hatch until day 22 or 23. Has your temp and humidity been stable during lockdown? Can you hear any peeping or see the eggs moving at all? If you can, try not to open the incubator as tempting as it may be and don't pip the shell for them. They may just not be ready to hatch yet. I've had Silkies hatch anywhere from day 20 to day 24. Good luck!
Thamks so much, I am trying to be patient, I will give them 1 more day before I do anything. I havent heard any peeping and the temp and humidity have been stable.
I personally don't wait after day 21..I do as one of the other poster said...I make a hole for them to breath, also, I pick away the part of shell that is away from the chick..sometimes they can't reach the egg shell because they are either shrink wrapped, or, the membrane is too rubbery for them to get through at, if I see either situation..I make a hole where their little beak is. I just hatched 5 healthy did the whole thing on it's own, I had to help the others. They are doing great!
I tried the 'helping' thing when I first started hatching. What a dumb idea! I either 'helped' out ones that were too weak to make it, or no matter how careful and slow I went...they lost too much blood and died. Sure, some of them were perfectly fine, but some looked perfectly fine then developed wry neck later! (and yes, I had to cull) If they can't hatch on their own, they probably wont make it more then a few days anyway. Just give them a few more days in the bator. I know it's hard, but the ones that hatch will be the strong ones. You might 'help' one and its a perfectly healthy baby, and lives a long life.....but that's the one that probably would have hatched on its own in due time. Hatching isn't a perfect science, that's why you hear so many varied stories on hatch time. No little clock buzzes in their brain on day 21 saying 'time to hatch!' lol They hatch when they're ready, we just have to wait.
Hang in there & keep us updated!

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