Day 21 no pipping or peeping. Grandma is bothered. And another question..

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    I refer to myself as a grandmother whenever I have a broody hatchin' chickies. I'm bothered because there have been no pips at all today... No peep peep either. I even gently tapped the eggs to get the chicks peeping and nothing. One egg, however, has a crack, but no sound is coming from it. Doesn't look like a pip, just a slightly visible crack, but it's on the wrong side! It's on the pointy side! What the heck?
    They are the 3 eggs that were alive and healthy! There were 6 but on day 15 when I candled 3 were duds and 3 were good. My dear cochin has been sitting on them very well! I hope they didn't die.. I was looking forward to the banty cochin to hatch.
    Someone reassure me that this is normal and everything is fine so I don't go nutso... I am candling today to see what's up with the eggs though. I haven't messed with the eggs since this morning and day 15.

    **Last time I had a broody on two eggs. 1 hatched. Mom didn't bother with the other egg so I went to investigate. I cracked it open and... A fully developed chick with yellow yolk all over it. My guess is it drowned in it's yolk? How does that even happen? I really hope that's not happening with my current 3!!!

    No bad smell either coming from the eggs [​IMG] [​IMG]

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