day 21 no pips


10 Years
May 18, 2009
puyallup wa
so its day 21 for me and only 1 piped yesterday and it died last night it zipped half way now i am not seeing anything from the rest and its is making me a little worried i know that there is something in them because i candled most of them before i put them into lock down so what should i do?
Humidity could have been a bit higher. That may be the reason the chick was only able to zip half way. Up your humidity just a bit (without opening the bator if at all possible).
thanks also could that chick have died because the temp went to low i think over the night it went down to 98 what should the humidity be at
Are you using still air or forced air?

I have an LG still air that I keep at 99.5 degrees with the thermometer sitting on top of the eggs! I also had water on day 18....I do not know what the humidity is at though, I just fill the given spots. Mine usually hatch dead on 21 days.

Hope this helps!!
i am using a LG i sure hope these little guys hatch

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