Day 21 Nothing!


11 Years
Apr 12, 2008
So today is the day that my eggs are supposed to hatch and they aren't pipping or even rolling and it's the 21 day. I know they can hatch a few days later but I am very anxious right now and I am wondering how many days I should leave them in there after today? Thanks
I'd wait at least a week. After that, I think it's pretty safe that they aren't going to hatch.
You can wait up to a week I think. If it helps I am in the middle of a hatch now that only 2 of 14 hatched on day 21 and the rest have come 3 per day for 3 days or so....
OK thanks I am seriously thinking of locking it up so that I cant open it to see if any are pipping or if they died. Thanks for the advice.
Patience is needed.
My last hatch did not begin until day 22 and ended on day 26.

Hope you get some healthy chicks,

One of the eggs I really hoped was good is peeping this morning day 22. Oh I hope it hatches soon!!!
luvchicks8 you are already luckier than I am because not even peeping day 22. My patience is really thinning down. But hopefully he hatches. THis is for both of us and who ever else needs it.
Good luck nothing here yet though peeping no pips or anything. I just put in a heat light and am on my way for chick start so it better happen soon
I've done about 12 hatches now. The last one was the only one so far where they actually hatched out on the day 21 like they were supposed to lol. Usually mine start at day 22. I think it is an incubator thing. I've been getting good hatch rates they are just slow lol. My temps say they are good on 3 diff thermometers and the humidity is good. I always calibrate my hygrometers.
Don't worry they will start hatching when the chicks are ready
They might even pip on day 22 and not hatch till day 23 while they absorb thier egg yolks ..that is okay too.

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