Day 21


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
Officialy day 21 as of late last night and nothing, not 1 sign that any thing is happening or going to happen as yet. I run downstairs this morning thinking i will be seeing some thing happening and i felt so upset when every thing was still the same as when i went to bed.
This is nerve racking
Marlene, what are you hatching? I have Blue and Black Mottled Duccle and Blue Marans And one surprize egg which I thought was a Porcelain Duccle, but NOT it is a CX x Mille no leg feathering was the dead give away.
also. good Luck
I have BCM's and Blue and Black Marans hatching on 9/11. Crazy huh never even planned it that way, maybe it will be lucky. I also have Wynette's BCM that are due to hatch on 9/19. Good Luck Michele
I have 5 light sussex due today, i have another batch of 4 white silkies due next week wednesday.
I had to go college today as it was my 1st day back but what ireally wanted to do was stay at home and watch my eggs
, i'm glad i did go cos i would of been driving myself mad staring at the bator.
Well i could not wait to get back home and see if i had any thing happening, unfortunatelly nothing new, eggs are still sitting in bator, no moving, no sound and no pips
How long do i wait if nothing happens?, tonight at midnight i will be hitting day 23.
I have tried putting me ear to see if i can hear some thing but no nothing, not a sound coming from the eggs.
My temps have been good, i'm using a brand new brinsea mini which i did double check with another thermometer that the temp was right and it was spot on.
When i candled on day 18 before lockdown they was all moving and looking good, i have kept the humidity at 70 since lockdown.
I will give it a bit longer as i know a lot of people on here have had late hatches but how long do i leave it?.

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