Day 22/23, no movement. Are my chicks alive? Candling photos attached.

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Jul 5, 2021
First time hatching and I'm so excited one chick is already happily out of its shell and another one on its way.

However, I've got two more eggs that I suspect have quit. Please help me analyze if they are indeed lost causes.

EGG 1, Day 22

Candled from the top (round end), it looks fairly 'full'. No movement though.

Candled from the pointy end, it doesn't look like the bottom half has anything in it. The dark blob was bobbing around a bit.

EGG 2, Day 23.
Candled from the top (off to the side), it has internally pipped. I even heard it cheep for a day or so...then silence. I even made a safety hole 24 hours ago.

Then I candled from the pointy end, and it was hard to see too much. This was what I saw.

Any chance they are still viable?? Any harm in waiting a couple more days?
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As long as they don’t smell you can leave them in to be sure, but from what I can see they aren’t viable. You shouldn’t be able to see a liquid-looking layer at all. You should only see the air cell and darkness, which is the chick. 🤔 Looks like they might not have gotten very far in to development, and may have quit a while back?
Update. Another viable egg is hatching! The chick is slowly taking it's is zipping, bit by bit.

The 2 eggs in question though....I think it is time to officially call it.

I did a float test that confirmed it.

The egg with the safety hole, the fact that it was chirping away for a whole day after internally pipping and then not a peep for 3 days after. I think it's safe to say it didn't make it. I'm most sad about this one.

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