Day 22 - all of a sudden they decide to hatch!


7 Years
Mar 29, 2012
We had some rocking at day 20. Peeping at day 21. And boom, day 22 we have 9 new chicks.
I'm thinking they're still some to come as there's new peeping.
How long should I keep the eggs with no action in there?
I was going to keep the chicks in there for 48 hours, then risk the rest of the eggs to get the chicks out. Is this is good plan? I read they can last 72 hours without food or water...but that seems a tad much, no?
Of course I'm including some pictures, it's my first time incubating.

A little Mille Fleurs D'Uccle ---talk about small chick!!!! He keeps falling on his back
Fantastic! I'm on day 21 and only had one hatched so far! I'm going to spend the whole evening staring into the incubator. Great photos
I'm using a hova-bator, foam one with clear plastic on top - thank god!! I can't imagine hatching without being able to see!
I'm at 17 chicks now. 4 eggs still haven't hatched, not even pipped so not counting on them hatching, but left them in there just in case. I got all the action on day 22 and it continued through to day 23. Some pipped the wrong end of the egg, but they came out just the same. Don't think the timeframe or the way they come out are a reason to panic. I was reading some threads on here and got scared, but everything turned out ok

I've transfered the rest of the chicks to a little brooder, they seem happy.
I, on the other hand, am tired from staring at those eggs hatching for so long!
Look at them now, day old!

This one is mille-fleur d'Uccle...look at the feet!!!

We put all different eggs in there, black sex link, production red, sex link bantam, d'Uccle.


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