Day 22 and my first pip...UPDATED 1st HATCH!!!! PICS ADDED


9 Years
Dec 13, 2010
Seffner, Florida
I woke up this morning to my first pipped egg at day 22. Four more to go.

I find that I am laughing at myself. I have been reading this forum for a month on incubating. So many people have expressed their desire to assist the chicks out of the eggs. They have been responded to be others telling them to be patient.

Today, I find myself feeling the same overwhelming urge to get in there and lend a helping hand... I won't but its funny just how powerful the desire it. It makes me laugh at myself.

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Ha. Hahaha! I try not to watch any of mine actually hatching now, it's too tempting. Every time a pipped one hasn't done anything else for a while, I start to think, ooooh, maybe I could just break off a tiny little bit of shell so I could see his beak... So now when I'm in lockdown I wait till I see the first pip and then I try not to look again for as long as possible. If I can go out for the night I will. And last time I did that I came home a little bit drunk and forgot to even look in the bator, then woke up the next morning with three chicks!!!

Hope your hatch turns out good.
LMAO - HOW VERY TRUE....Just a little won't hurt.

ALAS...I'm being good. I think I'll get another coffee, head to the patio and have a cigar and read the paper...should kill an hour...LOL
Congratulations. I woke up this morning to find a chick in my bator as well. All fluffed up. My first time too, and I had just about given up on these Auracana eggs. 3 more to go. Good thing I didn't see it pip or I would have wanted to help to.

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