Day 22 - and still nothing, what to do :(


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Aug 28, 2011
Feltwell, UK
What do I do? Can I candle them? I have read about a "water test" but what is it? I don't want them to explode or do anything horrible but I can't bear the thought of killing chicks who might have a chance. Advice please!!!!

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May 11, 2011
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Easy there, you might still get another borp.

Are any more pipped? If it's not pipped, you can run your shower or a humidifier until the bathroom is full of steam, and take the whole incubator in there for quick opens to grab an egg. Sniff test - smell okay? Then listen for the little to be moving around in there. Candle and see if you can see any movement in the aiirsac.

Seriously, though, if you can contain yourself to wait a couple more days first, that would be better.

The float test? Remember that eggs are porous and you could drown a chick like that. But ... I know I've seen on here where someone put an egg in a shallow bowl of water just a tad warmer than the egg (as I recall, because heat expands and you want the egg warming in the water and pushing air out through the pores, not cooling and sucking water in) just deep enough to float/balance on a tip, and look for ripples indicating that the baby is moving in there.

The other float test is about eggs having gasses from decomposition in them, I think, and is total submersion and, to me, too risky for a possible baby still coming.

Again ... I have read about hatches on day 27. I know it's hard to be patient ...


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Aug 3, 2011
Day 27? So it really is worth leaving them to it. Did the chicks survive into adulthood?


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Jun 9, 2010
Richmond, MA
sit patiently. We had 4 broodies this summer and two of the batches took up to 3 days for all to emerge. They are all doing fantastic.


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Jan 31, 2009
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I had one that nothing happened until day 23 and finished on 25. I almost died waiting. Find a really good book that you been wanting to read and forget about the bator.


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Aug 22, 2011
Diana , Texas
I just had two baby chicks hatch probably last night on day 22
I actually candled them on Saturday afternoon and all 3 were chirping inside! I couldn't believe you could actually hear a tiny chirp! Anyway I was very anxious, as I had 3 eggs and 3 broody hens that all sat on same nesting box! Today I went out and found a beautiful black one and a pretty yellow one. I think there is still a 3rd one underneath but can't see it yet. So don't give up. I will try and post but I may not be able to post pics yet. Question though...When do I need to make sure the chicks start to eat and drink?


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