Day 22 incubation potential problem

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    Days 1-18 incubator temp was mostly between 99-102, humidity was between 40-50%.
    Day 14 had wild fluctuations of 97 (maybe 2 hrs), and then again at 104 (maybe up to 4 hrs). Was worried it had killed them, but decided to wait and see.
    Candled eggs on beginning of Day 18, saw movement.
    Day 18+ increased humidity to 65%, temps staying at 99/100.

    Day 21 some eggs moved slightly. Candled showed some movement in some of the eggs. None had internal pips.
    Day 22 one egg moving a LOT, most of the day, short breaks, rocking HARD. But no sounds coming from it, and no cracks in shell yet.

    I'm worried that that 104 temp fluctuation may have toughened the membrane and the chick can't get through it now.

    Thoughts? Ideas?
    How long should I wait before trying to salvage who I can?
    Can the membrane really toughen up like I'm worried about?

    These will never be bred, so i'm not worried about passing on 'weak genes'.
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    How did the air cells look at lockdown?

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