Day 22 no hatch apart from one??


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Aug 9, 2011
Had to take the lid off to moisten sponge as humidity very low. This was at the end of day 21.
One chick hatched 10 hours ago, but not managed to stand up yet.
One pipped 8 hrs ago, nothing since. Other ten nothing. My chick has rolled all the eggs around.
When should I intervene with the pipped egg?
How long can I leave them?
I candled them at 10 days. They all had excellent veins and very active.
Advice please....
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I hap a pip at 6 last night and still waiting. Last time I had a pip at about 5pm and didn't hatch until about 18 hours later and he is perfectly happy. So I would think you will be fine. Maybe your temps were off a little.
Thanks for a glimpse of hope. Just it's day 22 :-S
Temps seemed spot on continuously. Humidity been a problem. Instructions said to redsmp with warm water every 8 hrs if needed. Hope that hasn't dehydrated any as it drops quickly before building up again.
What kind of incubator do u have. If it is a hovabator you can add water through the vent holes some use fish tank tubing I use a syringe and a straw. That way you don't have to open the lid. Good luck, Michele
Hi I don't know the make, just a polystyrene box with a bulb and fan.
A breather hole each end which I have been skirting warm water onto the sponge. 2 nd one trying to hatch, maybe a third just starting. Fingers crossed.

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