Day 22--only three hatched out of 17--how long to wait?


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Aug 15, 2010
First egg pipped then stopped, on Wednesday morning. Tried to help, it was dead and deformed. Then yesterday morning two in a row....2 golden lakenvelders---one bled (yesterday's post) but that got stopped and doing fine. Yesterday afternoon one red silkie pipped and pooped and is cute as can be. I started with 38 eggs, candled over the weekend and had 17 viables. Now I'm staring at 14 more eggs that aren't doing rolls, no pips. I even listened to each really really quick...(I know I shouldn't have), and no pecking or peeping. I have back strain from leaning over the incubator and feel stupid for taking all this time off work. I'm sre they think I've lost it! It IS nice to read other posts and know I'm not alone in my getting so attached to little egg shaped miracles.

When is it too late? How will know? Oh and I tried to put my little red silkie in with the lakkies and they ATTACKED it.
Is that normal? It seems lonely.
I've got the same thing going on. Two hatched yesterday but the other 6 show absolutely no change, even though they looked good when i candled them before lockdown. Iv'e read that after day 23 they're probably no good, which is tomorrow. Plus I'm itching to take the two out of the bator but I guess I should give it 24 hours, which will be tonight sometime. Sure is hard to wait on these things!
At 9 pm ET it will be the end of 23 full days. Still only three births---not even a pip out of the other 14. I did do the water float test late this 45% out of the water bobbers...all were low floaters. PLEASE tell me there's hope. These are about 7 mille fleur d'uccles and 7 red silkie bantams. I really want to believe there's a chance.
OK I can't stand it. I'm taking one out in a warm wet cloth, gently opening it, and finding out what's inside. Please wish me luck....I just don't want them to die in there...................

I was too late. Almost all were perfectly formed little chicks just dead. Except one that was black and kind of slimy'gooey. One was upside down in the egg.

I have a HovaBator that regulates temp and the humidity was fine throughout. I did everything it said to make the best situation for shipped eggs. It was a reputable shipper. I called the post office and they held them so I could drive over and pick them up.

ANY ideas why I have a hatch of 3 eggs out of 38---these were rare heritage breeds and now I'm really scared to try again. They weren't "cheap" and I waited 4-5 weeks for the shipping, then 21 for the hatch. How do you all stand the disappointment and keep going.
Tonight is the end of day 23 for me too. I did ok - hatched 5, 3 left, but I can see that those chicks developed in there, so I also don't know what went wrong. I'll open them tomorrow to see what's in there.
I'm so sorry you lost so many, I don't even like losing 3. i don't have any answers for you since I'm new to all this but I don't blame you for being disheartened! Hopefully some experienced folks will have some answers for you. I hope you try again!
Very sweet of you---not much that people can say I guess. Hope to see you on here again----I'm not giving up because the successes bring me so much joy!

My one surviving silkie is Don/Dawn (don't know the sex yet!) My dad was a redhead.


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