day 22....only two chicks made it/question


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008

Well.....I started out with 11 and last night they were rockin and rollin'.....all i have left is 2. Better then none though! I'll post some I already named them! Walker and Texas Ranger
(heehee) I'm going to throw a new batch on this weekend and see what happens. A couple of the chicks didn't develope this time and then two of them died last night for one reason or another cause they were rockin' then and nothing when I openned the air pocket to see if they were still alive. The other one that died wasn't making any type of a break for it and so I helped him and his insides were on the outside. (all green and blah)
So anyways how long should Walker and Texas Ranger stay in the Bater? Until their dry? I haven't hatched eggs in soooooo long I can't remember! THANKS!
They can stay in the bator for 24 hours or even a bit longer. Usually they are dry after 8-10 hours and you can move them to the brooder if you are sure there are not others that will hatch. It sound like temps were a bit low. Good Luck with your next try.
Oh! Whoops! I didn't get a reply by the time I went to bed last night so I moved them after about 2 hrs into the brooder. They were pretty much dry other then right down the middle of thier backs. They seem to be doing great, I think they think I'm momma though cause every time they see me they get all excited and want to get to me.

I read some other posts and I didn't realize my temps were low for a still air. It was a consitant 99.5-100 through the entire bater time other then one day we had a power outage that last about 1.5 hrs(of course I was at work and could get home to cover them) Should I have it more like 102-103? I have another bater I'm going to's got one of those automatic turners.....anyone have opinions on the automatic ones?
I think I'm going to try again. I think now that I should've left well enough alone on some of them and just waited but after finding two fully developed chicks dead in the shell after they had been rollin' around the night before I got a little ansy. This is a wonderful group and I've been refreshed on so much info....and I've learned a whole lot too! I believe when it comes to animals you never know it all!

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