day 22 still no chicken or movement?


6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
so im new to chicken hatching and ive been incubating 3 eggs in my bedroom. the first 2 eggs werent really fertile i dont think so they didnt grow. the last one however was fertile and ive been checkin gon it daily and day 17 -19 you could see the chicken inside moving etc, but day 20-22 (today ) you can see the chicken inside but he hasnt moved in like days, so im worried that maybe he died.. i tried shouting near the egg etc but there is no response. you can see his feet ( i think its his feet anyway) against the shell etc so im pretty sure hes fully grown. is there anything i can do to see if hes still alive? i put alot of concentration into this chicken and im not ready to accept that hes dead! any tips/advice?


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