Day 24 Missing Precious Princess in Austin, TX

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by BellaVi, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. BellaVi

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    Nov 2, 2014
    Hello. This is my very first blog/thread in my life. I love my cat that much! Made a promise to myself I would always remain too busy to engage in this activity, but I don't know where else to get information and learned a lot from reading about someone's poor, missing cat who (hopefully!) has returned!

    I rescued her as a 'feral' but she was tame 7 yrs ago in another neighborhood. We've been here 5yrs and every night she's allowed to go outside to sit on the porch or hide under the stairs and 'watch' the little patch of 'woods' behind the awful dumpster we are perched close enough to, which has attracted all sorts of critters for her to watch in the past. But of late, noticed a sick racoon, and don't spy the skunks, possums, coon tribes and/or owls anymore. Nor did I realize how close we really are to all sorts of entryways to the greenbelt in NW Austin as well as pockets of dense thicket and twisting trees and 'underground jungles' that humans can't get through. I've discovered this almost falling and getting injured out there alone looking for her.

    That night I didn't check on her and wanted to get my 'paperwork' finished.....Regret's a bitter pill to swallow. They've been doing 'construction work' (adding rent increases) of cosmetic nature to our rental units and I was ordered to remove all belongings from porch as well as covered patio weeks ago. I now realize she's had NO smell to navigate home to, but more importantly, NO COVER or alternate places to hide and watch...just bare naked on the porch.

    She was attacked by a white cat I was feeding about 6 weeks ago now. I was feeding it! Thought I might get it fixed for it's sake, but also never realized that cat also could have driven my baby away.

    I'm sorry, but have to go as have a deadline. But we found her collar where I'd already looked days 1-3 2 days ago, right behind us...::( and here I'd been all over the 2-3 mile radius she could have traveled and run after every single lead to no avail..calling her. Really have given up all hope. Saw a pile of fawn bones, and now I know what my precious (named!) deer are often alerting to when I can see nothing. She went between 11pm and 1a.m and put my earplugs in to drown out stomping of upstairs adolescent-turned legal-to-rent girl. Thanks. Bella
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    Jan 19, 2011
    Escanaba, MI
    I am sorry to say, but if it has been twenty four days since you last saw her, the outcome is likely not good. If she's been doing this for years, she knows exactly where your home is.

    I am an advocate of indoor only cats for this reason. You already know she was attacked by a white cat. But she could have also been hit by a car, exposed to diseases like FIV and FeLV, attacked by a predator (foxes and coyotes are actually quite common in cities, though they know how to stay hidden), or another person could have taken her in. Cats allowed to go outdoors just have too many dangers they encounter that will lead to a shorter life expectancy.

    People think indoor only cats are prone to getting bored and fat. Not so, if a person actually takes the time to provide enrichment for the cat!
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    Dec 18, 2013
    I too am sorry to hear your Precious Princess is missing. I agree with Stacykins. If she's been gone that long, usually dwindled by that time.

    Have you tried asking people around you if they've seen Precious Princess in the area?

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